1. Let it Out

First thing first, spending Christmas alone sucks. It doesn’t matter if you’re exploring Machu Picchu or sitting at work, on Christmas Day there is something uncontrollable that makes even the most badass soloist want to be with other people. So get out all those negative feels. Yell, cry, swear, punch your pillow, do whatever you need to do to get it all out. But then lift your head high and accept it for what it is. The day will be miserable if you focus on what you are missing out on. Put it to the back of your mind and remember that not everyone gets to spend Christmas with their family. Focus on what you are grateful for instead, whether it be the opportunity to travel, or a roof over your head.

Being alone on Christmas sucks. Let out those feels! But then lift your chin up and move on. (Santiago, Chile)

 2. Get off social media

But all my friends and family will be on there? But so will all their photos and posts of them spending Christmas together without you. Unless you are made of very strong stuff then Facebook will just drive you into misery. Stay away from it! Instead read a book or get outside and explore. Just remember to tell someone where you are going first.

Close Facebook and get outside! You will be much happier outside adventuring than you will scrolling through everyone else’s family photos. (Cerro Negro, Nicaragua)

 3. Pick up the phone

Calling your loved ones is so much better than a post on their Facebook wall. And it will help give you a much needed pick-me up.

Pick up the telephone and call someone. If that phone is a London icon even better! (London, England)

 4. Find your tribe

If you are travelling then odds are there are other people around you who are away from their families too. Be brave and say hello. Odds are they will be just as happy to find someone to spend the day with. Hostels can be great for this as they often throw a celebration of some kind.

You don’t need to be alone on the beach. Say hello and make a friend. (Exmouth, Australia)

 5. Keep busy

Being busy is a great way to keep in a positive mindset. If you are travelling then see if there are any group tours running. If not go for a city walk or a hike. Just because everything is closed doesn’t mean you can’t go exploring. Go see the famous buildings, parks and landmarks. If you are at work then keep focus on your tasks. If your at home then try a new skill or work on a hobby. Christmas is the perfect time to learn to knit a sweater or bake a Christmas pudding!

Keep busy by knitting, dancing, volunteering, or cooking like here with this traditional Guatemalan stew.  (Antigua, Guatemala)

 6. Sleep and eat

Pack the fridge with all your favourite foods, drinks and snacks and eat your fill. It’s Christmas after all! And what’s better after a big meal than a nice afternoon nap. Zzzzzz…

Eat, drink and be merry! Just remember moderation yeah… (Mendoza, Argentina)

 7. Remember it’s just 24hrs

If you are having a bad time of it then remember Christmas is just one day and it will be over soon. It’s easy to get down but follow the 6 steps above and it won’t be so bad.

Being alone sucks, but its only one day. You can do it! In the words of Scarlett O’Hara “Tomorrow is another day” (Dubai, UAE)

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